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Product Design Major

As a Product Design major, you are naturally curious, inquisitive and see the world differently, questioning not just how things are, but how they could be. You are a dreamer and a maker of things, an inventory, exploring how emerging technology enables interfaces in objects from smartphones to sophisticated medical products.

In one of the most highly rated product design programs in the country, you’ll create products that will inspire and assist people in their everyday lives.

Human-centered engagement and design research will help you understand the needs and desires of the people that use the objects you are designing. Your designs will be functional, beautiful and “feel” right. Design-thinking experiences will be the basis for outstanding results and award-winning design solutions. Throughout the program, you’ll have professional, hands-on experiences with more than 30+ industry partners through company-sponsored projects.


Our Curriculum

Utilize new materials and ways of making soft goods and apparel, and re-imagine and re-engineer innovative solutions for countless other objects through diverse creative tools, techniques and strategies. In Product Design, there are no barriers to inventing innovative products and experiences.

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Product Design by the numbers. For more than 25 years, MIAD’s Product Design program has been collaborating with companies with international reach through our sponsored projects programs. 37 International Housewares Association awards. 1st in the nation in awards from Society of Plastics Engineers, Association of Rotational Molders and winSell Design Competition. In 2021, the median annual wage for a Product Designer was $77,030.

Top Employers

Our interns and alumni work at Rivian, GE Healthcare, Harley-Davidson Motor Company, General Motors, Ford Motor Company, Generac, PIVOT Cycles, Fiskars, Trek, 91fans Tool, High Sierra, Delta Faucet, Hyundai and more.

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Ewelina Laczak, Product Design, 2022

Bryce Lee, Product Design, 2022

Miyu Takisawa, Industrial Design, 2019

Megan Piunti, Industrial Design, 2020

Eve Berndt, Industrial Design, 2020

Tre Krueger, Industrial Design, 2019

MacKenna Rose Mau, Industrial Design, 2019

JD Byrne, Product Design, 2021

Jesse Goudreau, Product Design, 2020

Bryce Lee, Product Design, 2021

Thaddeus Zurawski, Industrial Design, 2019

Allison Klosinski, Industrial Design, 2019

What Can I do with my Major?


3D Modeler


Display Designer



Environmental Designer
Exhibit Designer


Fashion/Apparel Designer
Furniture Designer

Industrial Designer

Model Maker

Packaging Designer
Product Designer

Shoe Designer

Technical Illustrator
Toy Designer

UI/UX Designer