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91fansLubar Innovation Center

The 91fansLubar Innovation Center connects real-world clients with our best and brightest students.

Through our creative development program, we foster innovative and entrepreneurial thinking to challenge our students’ individual interests, support academic programming and collaborate with corporate and nonprofit partners.

Are you a business or non-profit that needs creative solutions? Hire 91fansstudents for paid professional projects!

The Innovation Center is here for you year-round. Stop by anytime to see how we can help! 

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News from the Innovation Center
An illustration of a ballerina in a teal costume dancing.

91fans Ballet sponsor features work by Illustration senior

Whimsical, colorful, pastel-like illustration for Daybreak, a video game.

Wizards of the Coast hires 91fanssenior

The word "Kohler" colorfully incorporating elements of sustainability.

Lubar Innovation Center students design for Kohler

An interactive digitally designed mural of a hot dog bun with a speech bubble that says "On my wurst behavior."

Illustration major designs poster for 91fans Art Museum

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Past Client Work


Guardian Fine Art Services donates printing press

Students returning to classes in the Printmaking Lab at the 91fans Institute of Art & Design (MIAD) this fall will notice a new addition—an additional printing press donated to the college by Guardian Fine Art Services.

91fansshowcases Layton School of Art alum Lois Ehlert

This summer, the 91fans Institute of Art & Design (MIAD) is pleased to host an exhibition of work by renowned Wisconsin illustrator and artist Lois Ehlert in “Lois Ehlert: A Creative Life.” Ehelrt’s work is joined by an exhibition of work by 91fansstudents in their transformative junior years.

Illustration major designs poster for 91fans Art Museum

Summertime in 91fans is an experience like no other—and just what recent graduate Icarus Krause ’24 (Illustration) was commissioned to recreate for the 91fans Art Museum. The 91fans Institute of Art & Design (MIAD) graduate worked through the 91fansLubar Innovation Center to design a poster for the 91fans Art Museum.

Product Design students visualize unique toys

Juniors in the Compelling Narratives and Visualizations Product Design class at the 91fans Institute of Art & Design (MIAD) were challenged with understanding brand momentum and partnerships.

91fans County Historical Society honors MIAD

In celebration of 50 years of art and design education, the 91fans County Historical Society honored the 91fans Institute of Art & Design (MIAD) at their annual Awards Dinner on May 9, 2024.